For protection & assurance

We deliver resilience testing across People, Processes and Technology

Once company defensives have been designed, built and implemented, a routine programme of resilience testing should be adopted for Assurance that defences are complete or to identify and plug any gaps that may have developed.

Our Services


Phishing Exercising & Education

Measure staff resilience to Phishing & Vishing, identify knowledge gaps by department or user and train-in good practise

Vulnerability Testing

Test operating systems, applications, devices, WiFi technologies & public facing infrastructure for vulnerability to the latest hacking methods and receive advisory support.

Penetration Testing

Resilience test your prepared technology defences, against real-world attack simulation and penetration.

Info Sec Audit

Audit your Info Sec processes benchmarked to GDPR, ISO27001, PCI DSS and/or Cyber Essential Plus standards, to match the risk profile of your organisation.

Health Check

Perform a whole organisation snap appraisal, to assess current programme maturity or start state across all defensive areas.

Red Teaming

Resilience test & exercise your cyber defences across both the physical and cyber environments pitched against the skills of our world leading former UK Govt cyber professionals.

Service benefits


Test digital risk across Info Sec, IT security, physical -and IOT/operating systems, across your organisation

Be tested and assured by the best

Resilience testing, gap analysis and assurance delivered by world leading cyber operatives

Test on a per project or campaign basis

No company size or project too big or small. Engage with us to design and implement to your exact requirements

Keep current against the evolving threat landscape

Be tested against the latest cyber threats and techniques today and receive advice and assurance to protect


  • Contour Test
    ‘’Contour have provided absolute expertise in the resilience testing of our IT systems and digital assets, identifying and advising on vulnerabilities not seen before. We have recently contractually engaged them to deliver our penetration testing over a two year period and will soon also be looking for staff resilience testing and education support.’’
    Contour Test
    Financial Services Company