Identify & Respond to Threats, Incidents and Breaches

Static company defences should be supported by layered, mobile defence systems that find and deny threats before they have chance to strike.

This should be conducted both inside the boundary (Network, Host and Endpoint) and outside (Open Source & Dark Web). We deliver both capabilities as a service, harnessing the latest technologies and skillsets of our security analysts to provide outsourced real time detection and response support.

Our Services


Breach response

24/7 breach response, support and technical advisory, working to reduce the impact of a breach, to stay compliant with GDPR notification rules and to minimise reputational damage.

IDS, Network, Host, & Endpoint security monitoring

Harness outsourced specialism and resource to monitor your network traffic, logs and endpoint behaviours using the latest technologies, global threat exchanges and security specialism of our team.

SIEM as a service

Use us to perform the detailed correlation & analysis required of your security event data from across your network and to find and respond to threats in real-time.

Dark Web Monitoring & Response

Monitor the highest threat Dark Web marketplaces, Hacker forums and Open-Source channels and respond to threats when your information assets are seen to be talked about or traded.

Service benefits

Detection & Response for every business

World leading defence capability made available at affordable, as service prices.

24/7 Breach response

Receive assurance of 24/7 managed threat response from a dedicated Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC).

Keep Compliant

Fully managed reporting and breach notification for Compliance and Internal Audit/Assurance needs.

Out-sourced specialism

Release the burden from in-house IT teams and harness out-sourced Threat Detection & Response specialism.


  • Contour delivers Detection & Response solutions for businesses of every size
    "We use Contour to fully manage and deliver a Detection & Response solution for our business. Their team, delivery partners and service solution has been the perfect match for our requirements, giving us full and continued confidence that we stay protected from threats and GDPR compliant. They come highly recommended."
    Contour delivers Detection & Response solutions for businesses of every size
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