Reducing Vulnerability in the Supply Chain
7th June 2017
Protecting Customer Data
7th June 2017

Dark Web Monitoring

Cyber Risk Advisory & Response as a Service - Dark Web Monitoring


Visibility of risks beyond the boundary

A leading telecoms company that sells both consumer and business hardware solutions worldwide, reports an increase in the number of spear phishing campaigns being launched against staff members within its Indonesian manufacturing centre. The London headquarters are rightly concerned with the risk that cyber-attack poses to both the factory operations and intellectual property held on its Asia PAC IT systems and commission Contour to deliver an open source and Dark Web threat intelligence report,  to identify key vulnerabilities that are leading to the spear-phishing campaigns being launched and to provide ongoing 24/7 monitoring of the risk.

In response, Contour delivers a deep dive on the global network, searching for critical information assets across Open Source Forums and the Deep and Dark webs being used to target the company staff, systems, and/or IT technologies. The analysis presents a number of vulnerabilities which both amateur attackers and more accomplished groups could seek to exploit, including employee personally identifiable information, lost credentials from 3rd party breaches,  fake domain name registrations, boundary details discussed on a social media forum by an employee and company intranet details posted on third party marketing collateral. The findings are alerted to the CIO who uses the information to immediately reconfigure the company defensive posture.

A system of 24/7 open-source risk monitoring and alert is then provided, giving the client full and continued visibility of their enduring company open-source risk. This is delivered via an online customer portal that details scrape findings and high, medium and low alerts, enabling the client to respond to threats in real-time before their staff or systems are targeted.