We work with insurance and legal partners to provide 24/7 Breach Response, Technical Advisory, and Digital Investigative support.

In the event of a breach we provide support to stop losses, minimise system down time, pin point the method of threat entry and identify which data has been compromised. We will then provide board level advisory support and assistance towards any customer notification and reputation management required and our legal partners will work alongside counsels, senior execs and crisis management committees to support you to recovery.

24/7 response

  • Immediate remote assistance (network or phone)
  • 24hr onsite response (UK)

Technical advisory

  • Stop losses
  • Identify data compromised
  • Quick fix systems & Reduce Outage

Legal advisory

  • Notification compliance law
  • Breach investigation and litigation
  • Insurance

PR advisory

  • Crisis management
  • Customer Notification management
  • Reputational risk management